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Sep. 21st, 2010

I write like
Cory Doctorow

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Apparently, I write like this fellow for the most part. Though I did re-do it like several times, re-visiting assorted older entries and all that to get 2nd and 3rd opinions. And this guy's name came up quite a bit. Funnily enough, the *only* time I got Douglas Adams - the guy that seems most obvious to me, anyway - was when I put in the entry where I talked about the Cliff Burton book.

I also put in a couple different chapters of my novel in progress to get a better feel, and - I shit you not! - I got Neil Gaiman *and* J.K. friggin' Rowling! O__O So, erm, I guess I'm in pretty good company there?

*tries again, just for shits and giggles*

I write like
Kurt Vonnegut

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Allrighty, then - make of that what you will! XD But yeah, seems like the note to self is to look into this Cory Doctorow fellow. I wonder if they're Adams influenced?

Let's see what it has to say about the infamous stoned polar bears ...

I write like
Stephen King

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

... lolwut?! XD If you say so ... XD

Informal review: Fates Warning - No Exit

Today's "review" is going to be an informal one. I just got to thinking about this particular album, and what it has meant to me for the past 20 something years. XD

Without further ado, here goes!

It was the spring of 1989. The birds were growing, the grass was singing, and all that good shit. XD But, that's not the important thing, oh no! But, what is the important thing is this. It was late at night, some unholy hour past midnight on a Saturday night.

It was back in the old days when MTV *gasp!* actually played honest to *insert deity of choice here* music! And on Saturday nights, from midnight to 3 AM, there was this thing called Headbanger's Ball. I tuned into this religiously every weekend, eager to hear all to offer. At that time, I was still exploring the wonderful world of heavy metal, and each weekend, I was taken on a wonderful musical journey, and was guaranteed to find at least one new favourite band every weekend.

And so, one fateful Saturday night, I happened on a band by the name of Fates Warning.

The band was Fates Warning, and I believe the song was either "Anarchy Divine" or "Silent Cries", as they had videos for both of those songs around that time period. Still, either way you slice it, I was hooked!

And, as my family was wont to do around every spring, they asked me about something I would like to have, as a day was coming up, you know that one day with the magical ninja bunny stuff? And while my mom was going to put like a doll, candy or somesuch in my sister's Easter basket, she asked me if I would like a tape.

Yes, people, as in a cassette tape. We actually had those way back in that day.

Anywho, my response was a most enthusiastic "Hell yes!" And I said "If they have it, I'd like to get 'Fates Warning - No Exit',".

Easter, and the ninja bunny business that goes along with it came and went. And with that, yours truly was in the possession of what would become one of the albums, if not the album that defined my high school years.

From that point onward, I have heard quite a number of albums. But from time to time, I would fondly look back on this album. Such as right this very moment.

But yes. The spring and summer of 1989, this album is a one way ticket back to that time should I wish to do so. I hadn't quite started playing guitar yet, but did I ever want to! I would gasp and marvel at all I heard, wondering "Golly gee whiz! How did they do that?"

But, the goodies didn't stop yet! As I eagerly enjoyed the likes of "Anarchy Divine" and "Silent Cries", I was pleased to make the acquaintance of the rest of the album, and enjoying it thoroughly.

But wait! The centerpiece to the entire album!

See, back in the old days of cassette tapes, we had two sides of these. And so, the first five songs - that includes the aformentioned two - were on side one. But, once I got to side two, I was in the the true masterpiece. Seven mini "songs" that were parts of one long song collectively known as "The Ivory Gate of Dreams".

To this day, I still regard the Ivory Gate of Dreams as a pure epic masterpiece. Granted, folks abuse the hell out of the word "epic" these days, and it kind of loses the impact. Assholes! >_< But, should you hear the song in question, you will definitely know exactly what I mean. ^^ Each mini song transitions flawlessly into the next, with just the right amount of soft and hard. To call it a "ballad" does not do it justice.

And so, we jump forward about 5 years.

It's summer of 1995. My cousin and I have jobs with the school system, even though we're essentially glorified janitors. XD Still, we get a call to do some work at our old high school. And, our bosses are hella cool, so we can listen to some tunes while we do our work. Of course, the whole 90s rock thing is in full swing at the time. Still, I have but one request as we go to work at our old alma mater. Seeing where we are, I simply had to bring along Fates Warning's "No Exit" cassette. I could even listen to it in my walkman if I so wished, so long as I did my job and all. And so, my bosses and my cousin grin as they indulge my request, and listen to me wax nostalgic while I work. ^^

Other than that, not much else to tell, save for a dark time in history. >_< Summer, 1996. I stay over with some friends one night. And, this one low life asshole steals my walkman. The damn prick stole my fucking walkman! >_< And, while that's bad enough, it's the cassette that was in said walkman that really burned my toast.

You guessed it. The son of a bitch jacked my copy of Fates Warning "No Exit".

Finally, spring of 1999 rolls around, and I finally have a home computer. Oh boy golly! Naturally, I surf the 'net tentatively, marveling at the wonder of it all. And of course, guess what occupies my mind? Yep, Fates Warning! Eventually, I hear about this little thing called file sharing, mp3s, and all that cool stuff. And sure enough, in digitized format, I am reunited with my beloved Fates Warning.

To be sure, that was quite the ordeal. See, back in those days, there was the infernal, abyssmal horror of yesteryear know as ... *le gasp!* dial-up! So, before broadband, in which you could download whatever you fancied in the blink of an eye, dial up was the sole game in town for some time. And so, downloading took a considerable amount of time.

Still, it was Fates Warning, by golly, and was I ever happy to hear it again! ^_^

Of course, since then, I have re-acquired this excellent album on CD, and have even ripped it here to my comp for my listening enjoyment at any time that tickles my fancy. ^_^ And, as with the listens of many years past, I still approach the music with the same awe and wonder as I did over 20 years ago.

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In memory of Ronnie James Dio. 1942 - 2010


The title of this entry ... the words that I have never wanted, but always dreaded to write.

Those of you that know me pretty well know what Ronnie James Dio, the man and his music, meant to me. To call him a "legend" does not do him justice.

Rest in peace, Ronnie. I love you. Wherever you are now, save me a seat.

May the strange highways carry you to rest on the silver mountain, where there are always rainbows in the dark. And thank you for all the years of excellent music.

I will now play Dio songs in tribute.

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Writer's Block: Solo traveler

Do you find it very hard to open up to people? Why or why not? What are the benefits and disadvantages of being emotionally guarded?

Yes, quite. Some would call me very secretive, to say the least. I'm not quite the type to really open up to people in general, save to very close friends.

Other than that, I'm essentially a lone wolf. I don't easily become comfortable with people right off the bat. Most folks that read this thing see essentially the bare basics of me, with but a select few invited to go below the surface, so to speak.

Let's try this again ...

Oh yeah. I'm now jammin' on Dreamwidth these days. Still trying to figure out all the crosspost stuff, so bear with me.

Anyway, I'm sure all o' you on LJ know about my hobbies, and all that cool shit, so no need to go into all that here. XD

In other news, about time to review another album before too long here, yeah? XD

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Writer's Block: Collector's piece

Do you collect anything? If so, describe your favorite collection (past or present).

Oh yes!

I collect comic books, Magic: the Gathering cards and guitars.

I couldn't tell you how many M:tG cards I have now. XD

Over the years, I've collected all sorts of comic books. Some are still in very excellent shape, and others not so much. ^^;;

And then, of course, I have 3 guitars. Thinking of adding a 4th guitar to the arsenal, or maybe a bass.

Apr. 4th, 2010

Happy ninja bunny day. Or something.

Mar. 19th, 2010


That son of a bitch needs to have his ass shipped off to military school! >_<

Damned bratty little punk.

Writer's Block: Kids or child-free?

Whether you've chosen to have children or live child-free, how and when did you (or will you) reach this decision? If you're in a relationship, did you (or will you) decide separately or together?

I'm quite child-free, thank you. I fancy myself more of the aunt type than the mother type. If it's not your kid, you can give them back to their mom and dad at the end of the day! XD

Plus, I'm too much of a lone-wolf type to even have any sort of relationship that would produce a child, and even that assumes that I swing "that way". And, on the off chance that I ever do enter a relationship again, "child free" is on my list of "musts".

Kids? I'll pass.

Mar. 9th, 2010


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